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Art Portfolio Photography

Good photographs are the key to getting your artwork noticed by curators and potential purchasers alike! Do not let your artwork be overlooked due to dark, off color images. Kelly Hazel has a unique background in fine arts, including training from some of the best teachers in the industry at the noted Fine Arts Center in Greenville County, and the South Carolina Govenor's School for the Arts. She will work with you to create images that accurately portray your artwork in its best light! 

Portrait Photography

Every child, every person, is a unique individual with a unique soul, unique interests, and unique spirit. Any portrait can recreate the physical image of a child, but Kelly strives to create images that portray not only the physical attributes of a person, but images through which those qualities that define us are allowed to shine. 

Product Photography

Strong images are the first line of communication between you and your clients. Kelly will work with you to create images that demand attention and accurately reflect your company brand, marketing, and identity. We have several programs to make sure you get the quality images your products deserve. Stand out from the rest with professional images and watch your sales grow! 
Don't forget to include a quality portrait of yourself and your staff! Shoppers today are looking for a personalized experience, they want to support businesses by people who care about what they are doing. Show them who you are!

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